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We make the business-side of your video company easy.

  • Project Management for Videography.
    Still using a whiteboard? Or dang, email? Get with the times friend. Our project Tracker designed for high-volume video production enhances team workflows and reduces mental headaches. Stop smelling the whiteboard marker and join the 21st century. Project management is free up to 500 projects per year.
  • Time-tracking for Video Editors & Your Team.
    Quoting hours is easy — but, does your video editing team stay on budget? Stop wondering, and start tracking. With project-level edit tracking your team gets a full breakdown with precise time-logs and statistics. But hey, you can log more than billable hours; how about tracking contractor time? Or, your time? Yep.
  • Deploy Ads in a Single Click.
    Our team has deployed hundreds of thousands in advertising dollars for video production companies. Tap into our specialized advertising options to increase your customer base. Or get premium ad placement on our website network.
  • Continuously Monitor & Improve Key Metrics.
    If your video business isn't growing, it's dying. Do you even compare sales this month to last year? Use real data from your project history to generate reports and key metrics. Make smart decisions, manage resources, and grow your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join as a freelance videographer?

    Access video production companies in your area to expand opportunities. With contact information, second-shooting requests, or editing gigs — the Videographer Network can help keep you busy with legitimate videography work.

  • Why should I add my company to the network?

    Our network holds the best advertising opportunities for video production companies. Our domains are prestigious, and create legitimacy with end-customers. Higher visibility means recognition from prospecting talent and customers.

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